To allow two way control of a Light using 2 or more SmartVU Home switches you will need to enable Multi-Control Association in your SmartVU Home application.

Before proceeding you will need to ensure that you have two light switches setup and connected to the SmartVU Home application. 

For the 2-way configuration only 1 switch will need to be connected to the light. The secondary switch will only need power connected to the L & N terminals on the switch.

In order to setup Multi-Control Association you will need to select the Main Switch ( This is the switch connected to the Light), once selected you will see the screen shown below, select the settings icon in the top right of the screen.

Once you have selected this option you can then select the setting labeled "Multi-Control Association" 

Inside the Multi-Control Association settings you will see something that looks like this:

You will need to select the red + to add a new switch to the "Multi-Control Group" 

In the next window you are given a list of your devices, you will need to select the switch you want to setup as the 2nd or 3rd switch etc and select it.

Next you will be given the option to select the button from the switch you have selected if it is a 1-Gang switch there will only be 1 button, with 2-Gang or 3-Gang switches you will be given the option to select any of the multiple buttons.


Only 1 button on a switch can be added to a single Multi-Control group, e.g you cannot have both buttons of a 2-Gang switch in the same group.

After selecting the button you wanted to add you should be back on the Multi-Control Association settings page with a few differences, if you have added another switch to the group it should look a little like the picture below.

The new switch & button should be listed and the group should now be enabled.

After that is complete using either the app or physically pressing the buttons should toggle both switches in the Multi-Control Group allowing both switches to toggle the light attached to "Main Switch" as the example. 

If you have any questions about this article please feel free to get in touch and please provide any feedback on what more information would help with this.

We recommend that any electrical switches or hardwired lights are installed by a qualified and licensed electrical worker. The switch has live, light and neutral connections, earth connection must be terminated in a seperate terminal block.